Our added value

Your success is also our success. That’s why we apply the highest standards of service and security to better serve you and your customers.



– You save on purchasing and administrative costs
– Your fixed costs related to the purchasing department are transformed into variable costs
– We have the capacity to bulk buy your purchases to obtain more competitive acquisition prices
– You reduce your investments in IT tools
– You benefit from comprehensive expertise on all families of products.


– Your teams can focus on their core business and on high-value tasks.
– You benefit from proven procedures to optimise the performance of your purchasing department.
– You reduce the administrative tasks of your teams.
– You benefit from more consistent purchasing processes and your purchasing governance rules are strengthened.
– Your purchasing processes are industrialised
– Your tendering lead times are optimised
– You have greater transparency with a mapping of non-strategic expenditure
– You increase the quality of service to users, buyers and decision-makers in the company.


– You control your cash flows with increased visibility on cash flow forecasts
– You benefit from real-time traceability of your supplies.
– You control the management of risks on the company’s low values.
– You optimise inventory insurance and the management issues relation to transport and deliveries.



Performance monitoring using BI tools
– Supplier performance
– Customer indicators and traceability
– Digitalisation of internal processes (paper, dematerialisation, email).


– A dedicated IT team
– Coverage of all services (ERP, web services, BI)
– EDI solutions
– Business continuity plan (1 data centre: production, 1 data centre: backup/business continuity)
– ISO 27001
– Compliance with GDPR rules
– Complete control of all IS
– Security: Regular vulnerability and penetration testing


LOGITRADE has a long history of relationships with its customers:


20 years

Our first 3 customers have been trusting us for 20 years now


10 years

We have been supporting 8 of our Top 10 customers for 10 years